When it comes to hemorrhoid, we’re not immune to the flu

The flu is a thing, but so are infections.

In fact, the flu has killed more Americans in the past three years than the flu itself has, and a lot of people aren’t prepared for it.

In this episode of Health of the Nation, we take a look at the basics of how the flu affects you.

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.1:58 How the flu impacts you: What you should do in the face of flu symptoms1:54 How to deal with flu symptoms: What to do if you’ve got symptoms1.11 How to get better at hiding the flu: How to recognize symptoms1,11.19 What you need to know about the flu and the flu vaccine1.19.17 The flu season: What we’re seeing1:31 How to spot flu symptoms and get the right treatment1:27 How to avoid flu symptoms with the flu shot1:21 How to stay safe from flu in your house1:17 The best way to protect yourself from the flu1:12 What to look out for when you’re ill with the influenza1:08 What to tell your friends and family about the influenza vaccine1:07 The flu vaccine and other questions you should be asking1:04 Why flu vaccines are so effective1:02 The flu and its side effects1:01 How you can prevent the flu 1:01.02 The best ways to protect your family from the influenza 1:00.19 The flu virus and its spread1:00 The flu symptoms you should know1:37 What you can do to prevent the influenza virus1:36 What to expect if you get the flu2:25 What to say to someone you think is sick2:22 The flu: A guide to understanding the flu