How to make your own Samsung Watch Band 2 for $39.99 on Amazon via Amazon Prime Now

Samsung Watchbands, once considered a relic from the digital age, are getting a lot more attention in 2017 as consumers increasingly turn to their smartphones for more personal information.

In recent months, Samsung has announced the addition of new bands, including the $69.99 Samsung Watchband 2 and $79.99 Watchband 3.

However, the Watchband Series 2 and Series 3 were both announced as free on Amazon Prime before it was made available to buy on the site.

Amazon Prime Now, which allows customers to pay for items on its website with Amazon Payments, announced Wednesday that it will now offer the Samsung WatchBand 2 and Watchband3 free with the purchase of a new Samsung smartphone.

The new band will be available to purchase on Wednesday and will be discounted by $29.99.

In addition, the site will also offer the Apple Watch Series 4 for $129.99, which is $35 more than its predecessor.

Amazon says that customers who purchased a Samsung Watch band through the website or through a third-party app from the Apple Store will receive the new bands for free.

If you have a Samsung phone that was not included with the Samsung watchband, you can get it for $29 on

Apple has not announced plans to offer the bands in the United States.

Samsung will not sell Apple Watch bands in Canada, though the company said it plans to introduce the bands there in the future.

Amazon said it will make its own bands available through the Amazon Appstore.