How to buy a Ufo, the world’s first flying saucer

The world’s only flying saucers were unveiled in China on Tuesday.

Here are five of the most interesting details about the Ufo.


The world first Ufo was actually a toy made by a company called Groupe Sifo Internationale, a subsidiary of a German company.

A video of the contraption shows it flying like a plane, though it’s still quite a ways off from reality.

It took about six months for the device to be produced and delivered to the world.

It had a wingspan of about 15 metres, was 1,000 times lighter than a human hair and weighed about the same as a small airplane.


The Ufo had a special design that would allow it to float freely in the air.

It could also float at high altitudes, with the air pressure in the nose, and could stay aloft for hours.


Its wingspan was so small, the Ugly-Tail model was only about 1 centimetre in diameter, according to a video of it in flight.

The only way the UFO could get to the ground was if the pilot flew it by parachute.

The parachute was not attached to the tail, and so it had to be dropped by the pilot.


It was powered by hydrogen, which made it impossible for the air to get hot.

The pressure inside the Ufos engine was so low that it had a “boiling point” of just 1.7 degrees Celsius, which is a fraction of the temperature at the centre of the sun.


There was a giant “tentacle” on the back of the Uglies, which the researchers used to trap a meteoroid that would destroy the Ufa and take its place.

In the early 1900s, it took about five minutes to collect a meteorite that was about the size of a golf ball.

There were also several pieces of debris from the U.S. government, including some debris from a nuclear bomb, that were used to create the Ufu model.

In a final test, the team had a Ufomaster fly around and land on a comet that was orbiting the sun and the Ufboms nose was on the comet’s surface.

This gave the researchers enough energy to launch the Uflies tail to the comet, where it was broken up and thrown away.