Band app to make music videos with Bitcoin app

The popular band band Kpop Starz, has just announced a Bitcoin-based app called KpopBand that will allow users to make free music videos.

The band’s official Facebook page says the app will be available “soon” for Android and iOS.

KpopBand allows users to upload music videos that will then be automatically played on KpopStarz’s YouTube channel, which can then be watched by other users in their social networks.

The service will be made available for free through Bandcamp, a popular digital music store.

The Kpop band, which has more than 100 million members on YouTube, was created in 2012 by two Korean-American brothers, Lee Seung-hyun and Joo Jin-hyeok, who are now known as Kpop stars.

The band is currently touring the world with K-pop artists and songwriters including Joo Jae-hyuk, Jung Eun-hee, BTS, and more.