How Trump’s Cabinet members are shaking up their bands, and what they mean for resistance bands

The White House has been quietly filling cabinet positions with band names for resistance and counterculture bands, including Trump’s choice for ambassador to Israel.

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for education secretary, is the first woman to lead a Cabinet agency.

She’s also the first Cabinet nominee to have band names attached to her name.

The band names, which are all approved by the Office of Government Ethics, are intended to signal a commitment to the First Amendment.

DeVos said she doesn’t want to be a “hostage to a label.”

But some of her bandmates are uncomfortable with her decision.

They say the bands on the Trump Cabinet are all political groups with political agendas, like Black Lives Matter, which the president has branded “anti-police,” and Antifa, which Trump labeled a “violent, violent group.”

They’re also not interested in playing political music, like the Black Panthers, whose members were accused of terrorism during the protests that followed the death of Eric Garner.

“The bands are supposed to represent the spirit and intent of our country,” said Jason Whelan, a band member who is black and has been involved in protests.

“If we’re not being represented by a band, that’s a big problem.”

“The Trump Administration is clearly trying to push the boundaries of the boundaries,” said Darryl Hill, a black and white metal musician who has played with bands like Insanity and Killswitch Engage.

“They’re trying to show the United States is not what they think it is.”

In the past, some bands have been able to play under the auspices of the National Music Coalition, a nonprofit that helps musicians organize and distribute music.

But the NMC did not sign up for the new bands, nor does it give the bands a financial incentive to be part of the network.

In an emailed statement, the NCC said it supports the “core values” of bands but would not “formalize any particular group or its policies.”

Trump has been criticized for not having bands on his team.

The president has named three members of his Cabinet who have played in political bands.