What’s the deal with ‘Bandmaids’?

A few years ago, it was a song called “Bandmaid.”

Now, it’s the subject of a new episode of “The View.”

The “The Voice” cast and crew recently got together to talk about their favorite TV shows, and one of the guests was the cast and producer of “Band Maids.”

They even had a little conversation about how the show is getting old, because now it’s been a decade.

“We were all pretty tired of the songs, the music,” actress Kristin Chenoweth said.

“It’s really sad.

We really enjoyed the song, but it’s sad that we haven’t been able to do something like this for so long.”

The group’s favorite TV show is “Band Moms,” which has been on the air for five seasons.

But the show has always been about band members trying to find their way in a modern world.

The show was a huge hit in the 1980s and 1990s, but now it has been canceled and its creators have been talking about a new season.

So what’s the story behind this “BandMoms” reunion?

The new season of “bandmaids” will air on the Fox Family channel in 2017.

It will feature guest stars and will focus on band members finding a life outside of the show, like working in a restaurant or running a business.

“It’s not a reunion,” Chenowets told “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday.

“This is a new show that has a different vibe to it.

There’s more of a focus on the group.

It’s really different than the past.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chenowet talked about how she got the role and what it meant to play “Band Mother.”

“I auditioned for ‘Band Maid,’ and it was the first show that I auditioned on, which was a very difficult audition,” Chenot said.

Chenoweth, who is a fan of “Game of Thrones,” was cast as “Bandmother,” who will act as “band leader.”

“The character is very much an older person,” she said.

She said she was very excited about playing a character who is so different than what she’s used to in the past.

“I think it was just like, ‘Oh, it’ll be so much easier to get her to have a different mindset,’ ” Chenowhes said.

The cast also discussed how they got to know each other.

“I’m a little bit of a band geek, so I think I’m really familiar with the instruments, so when I audition for the band, I was excited to be there,” Cheno said.