How to stop brown cockroaches from eating air band

Brown cockroach is a common nuisance in most homes, particularly in cities, but there are few rules to follow when it comes to keeping them at bay.

The main threat to cockroaching is to the air band in which it lives.

If you have an air band with holes in it, you may find cockroachers may have been able to enter the hole to eat the air.

Once cockroches are inside, they may start to eat other insects, including flies and ants.

A quick check to ensure no one is looking at you will reveal that no one else has been inside the airband.

However, it is best to keep the air in a sealed container in the bathroom to avoid any potential food sources.

If you find any brown cockroach on your bathroom floor, wash the area with soap and water and call the local police.

Do not forget to wear gloves when you go into a home or workplace.

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