How to watch the Stanley Cup Final: Watch the Blackhawks, Kings, Flyers win in overtime

As the Stanley Trophy-winning Blackhawks and the Los Angeles Kings were locked in a battle for the Stanley and the first playoff spot in the Western Conference, the Kings had another task to do: Win or lose.

With three games remaining, the Stanley is on the line for the defending champions, who are locked in the best-of-7 series for the first time in their history.

And what better way to do it than to have the Stanley, arguably, the most decorated hockey team in history, go head-to-head with the defending champion Blackhawks?

The Blackhawks, as the Stanley champion and a team that has won six Stanley Cups in a row, have a ton of pride.

But they also have a lot of baggage.

The Blackhawks are known for being the team that went to the finals in every single year since the franchise was founded in 1908.

And the Blackhawks have never won a Stanley Cup.

And for the last two seasons, the Blackhawks had a different captain, Marian Hossa, than usual, with a lot more ice time on the wing.

The Kings have been the team to win the Stanley in every year since 2009.

In the last decade, the team has won five Stanley Cups, but they have never been the Stanley champions.

The last two Stanley Cups for the Kings were in 2013 and 2016.

And with that being said, the biggest reason why the Kings have won the Stanley the last three years is because they are playing better hockey.

The Kings have posted the best record in the NHL and have the best goal differential (the difference between teams goals for and goals against).

And this year, the two teams have faced off in five games, so there is a chance that the Stanley could be played this year.

In the past, the winner of the Stanley has never been able to win a playoff series.

It took four years for the Chicago Blackhawks to win it in 2007.

And it took three years for a Kings team that had never won the Cup to win in 2007 with a young Stanley Cup champion.

So what does this mean for the Blackhawks and Kings?

Well, it means that the Kings and Blackhawks are in a very good position heading into the playoffs.

They have the better roster and have played better hockey the last few weeks.

The reason the Kings could make this a more exciting game is because the Blackhawks are playing with a good team and have a young core of players who are starting to get more comfortable with each other.

The fact that they are coming out of the Western conference finals without winning a playoff game, is a sign that this team is ready to win.

They can win without a whole lot of offense.

This team is going to be better with the puck.

The Blackhawks will have the puck more.

And this team has a better chance to win if they have more shots on goal and a better shot differential than the Kings.

So if you want to win and get the Stanley with your team, the best way to win is to play the Blackhawks.

And if you can’t win the Cup, the Hawks are probably the team you want.