What Apple Watch bands are good for

Apple’s new Apple Watch band has been available in some markets for a while now, but not everyone is happy about the band, which comes with a rather disappointing “fun band” moniker.

The band, available for $50 in select markets, includes bands for music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora and the ability to change bands to suit different preferences like “dance music” and “songs with music”.

However, the “funband” moniker has been a sticking point for some, and it seems like the Apple Watch Band 2 could be the first band to get rid of the “band” tag in favour of a more straightforward “app” or “song” moniker for some bands.

The company is reportedly working on the feature, which it says will be ready in the coming weeks, and Apple is reportedly making it easier to find bands.

It will be interesting to see what changes are made to the “appband” functionality in the new Band 2, and if this will be a major improvement over the “playband” features found on the iPhone.

The “funbands” functionality will be more straightforward, though, and the appband will be just a single band that will work for both music streaming and music-listening.

We haven’t seen any announcements about whether Apple will make this band the default band for Apple Music, Apple TV, and iTunes Radio, though it’s likely to be included in the next version of the watch.