How to use a resistance band to keep your dog from biting

Posted November 16, 2018 09:29:03 Resistance bands are great for keeping your dog away from your home.

You can use them in your car, in your office, and on your bike.

Here’s how you can use a Resistance Band to keep a dog away.


Wrap the Resistance Band around the dog’s neck.

Use a thick piece of band and tie a knot in the end.

This keeps the dog from digging into your collar.

The longer you tie the knot, the more time your dog has to bite.


Tie the ResistanceBand on the collar.

This will keep your leash attached to the dog while the leash is tied.

It also allows the leash to stay in place.


Place the ResistanceBands around the neck of the dog.

Use the Resistanceband to tie a small loop through the band, which will hold the leash securely in place while your dog bites.


Tie a small knot at the end of the Resistance band, and then tie a tight knot at either end of that loop.


Place a small clip on the back of the leash that will prevent the leash from being pulled out.

This is also an important step, as the dog may bite your dog.


Put a band around the outside of the collar so your dog can’t pull it out.

The ResistanceBand will hold in place even when the leash isn’t attached to your collar, and you will know it’s holding your dog firmly in place by the way it moves.


Pull your dog out of the band when he bites.

Pulling out the leash makes the Resistance bands more difficult to dislodge.

When the leash has been dislodged, the Resistance will slip off and the dog won’t be able to pull it back out.


Watch for the Resistance to slip off again when you put the leash back on.

The dog should be able just to pull his head out of his collar, without it ever falling off.

If it doesn’t, he may try to bite the Resistance.


Remove the Resistance and try again.

This time, put the dog back in the band.

You will see how easily the leash can slide off, but it won’t budge, which is good.


You may want to take your dog for a walk, too.

This can help to get the dog used to the resistance band.

Keep the Resistance out of your dog’s eyes and mouth, and make sure to wear it at least two days a week.