When will the B52 Band play at the Staples Center?

B52Band members have confirmed the band will play a show at Staples Center this fall, but the date is still unknown.

The band will perform at the Barclays Center, which is home to the NBA All-Star game, the NCAA Tournament, the NHL All-Tournament Hockey Classic, the U.S. Open Tennis Championship, the NBA Summer League, and other events.

The Brooklyn-based band also recently opened for Metallica in a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden.

What to expect from the Sydney Olympic Village at the Sydney Olympics

The Olympic Village will be a massive gathering place, and it will be the scene of the world’s biggest sporting event.

The Olympic Stadium will be filled with fans, and the new Olympic Village is set to include the entire Australian Football League’s (AFL) Sydney Swans and the NRL’s Western Bulldogs.

The area is set for a major redevelopment and development, with the new village likely to include hotels, a concert venue and a casino.

The Sydney Olympic Park will also be transformed into a sporting and entertainment destination.

Here are some of the major things to expect during the opening ceremony and festivities.

What you need to know: The Sydney Olympics will be held on August 7 and 8.

The new Olympic Park is set down in the heart of the Olympic Park, just around the corner from the stadium.

The Australian flag will be flown at half mast, and a large blue and white flag will fly at half-mast over the Olympic Stadium.

The stadium will be decked out in a huge blue and gold design.

A blue and yellow flag will also fly at the foot of the stadium, which will be draped with Australian flags, while the Olympic flag will hang over the north end of the park.

The venue will be surrounded by a green and yellow expanse of grass.

The grass will be covered in blue and green flags, and banners will be placed over the field.

The red and white flags will fly in the distance.

The blue and pink flag will hover over the stadium during the national anthem.

This will be followed by the Australian flag at halfmast and the flag at the half-staff.

There will also still be an Australian flag over the ground at half time.

The flag at full mast will be raised and flown over the venue during the end of each of the last four months of the Games.

Here is what you need on the first day of the Olympics: 1.

A new hotel will open to the public.

The iconic Gold Coast Hotel will be built in the Olympic Village, and will be opened to the general public on the opening day.

The hotel will be open seven days a week.

There are also plans to open the hotel in September.


The national anthem will be played.

The song will be performed during the event.

There is no official time for the national song, but you will hear it at least three times during the ceremony.

The singer will be Australian actor Tom Jones, who was born in Sydney and currently lives in New Zealand.


The first day will see fireworks.

The two Olympic venues will be lit up with colourful, orange-coloured fireworks, and people will be encouraged to get out and enjoy the sights.

The firework display will also mark the opening of the new stadium, and also mark an end to the Games, which started on the island of Lesbos in Greece on August 6.

The event will last about 20 minutes.


The crowd will be entertained by the Sydney Swan and the Sydney Bulldogs.

Australian football superstar Josh Kennedy, who is the star of the NRL club, will be performing at the opening ceremonies.

The club is also holding an event at the new casino, and they are bringing a stage show featuring singer Jai Brown.


The football and rugby union teams will both wear uniforms with red, white and blue colours.

The Swans will wear their jerseys in red, while Sydney will wear white.


There’s a fireworks display at the stadium itself, which is set in the centre of the site.

There have been a few rumours of the fireworks being used as a backdrop during the first part of the ceremony, but that hasn’t happened yet.


There’ll be a live performance by the World Rugby Sevens team, who will also wear a red and gold uniform.


There might be some sort of fireworks display, but no official date has been set.


The city will be illuminated by fireworks.

They will be shown from a large stadium at half past six.


The team that scores the most points will be crowned the “City of Stars”.

There will be other local celebrities participating, including the Sydney Opera House’s Phil Foglio and local rugby league star Adam Peaty.


The athletes will be wearing a white uniform, but will be sporting their own red and blue colour combinations.


There won’t be any fireworks at the start of the event, but the start time will be set at 8:30pm.

There may also be a firework show at the end.


There could also be some fireworks at one of the venues, but it’s not known if that will be at the same venue.


The opening ceremony will take place at 8.30pm, but fireworks won’t start until 10.30am.


The game will be televised live on ABC TV and online.


There should be a big celebration around the Olympic Arena, but there’s no official start time for it